Jewellery Restringing & Repairs 

I'm sure we've all had one of our favourite jewellery pieces break ... devastating! 
Not to worry though, most of our handcrafted pieces can be restrung or repaired ... provided you manage to keep all of the pieces. In some cases we can even replicate a previous design from our own stock ... so if you do have a bead roll under the couch never to be seen again, ALL IS NOT LOST!

Our pieces come with a standard 90 day Warranty Period (full detail here), but if anything happens after this period please consider this option.

Each repair is individualised to the piece, and priced accordingly so please get in touch and send through some photos or information of your issue (you will be provided a quote and repair timeframe for acceptance).

Any repairs are subject to the availability of the necessary materials to complete the redesign repair.

Please also note that you will also need to cover any shipping costs, but if you're local to the Sunshine Coast we can generally work out collection/drop off to save on costs.

And if all else fails, we are always making beautiful new pieces!!
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