A bit about me

What began as a creative outlet - making jewellery to gift loved ones - has become a passion for bringing to life unique Crystal Jewellery that feels amazing to wear.

Each Soulful Stones piece is handcrafted in my home studio in Burnett Heads (Bundaberg Coast, QLD). High-quality gemstones are used, with some pieces featuring unique Hill Tribe Silver accents.

I have had a love for crystals for most of my life, but when I began incorporating Essential Oils into my life as a tool for wellness and emotional support, this little love of jewellery making grew & evolved.

I learned that by adding lava, wood or fabric to my jewellery designs, I could then add my pure therapeutic Essential Oils to these porous components to diffuse the Essential Oils and experience their benefits throughout the day.

I have now added in macrame handcrafts (both jewellery and larger homewares) to some of my favourite creations!
Kelly Stevens - Soulful Vitality
Hill Tribe Silver is ethically handmade in the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand by Karen Hill Tribe Artisans. It has a higher silver content than sterling silver, containing over 97% pure silver.​
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High-quality, unique jewellery for every occasion

Let's talk about our products

All Soulful Stones jewellery is handmade to the highest quality, using only premium materials.

I enjoy making products which are unique, versatile and look stunning, while remaining affordable. Designed to be hard-wearing so you won't be afraid to wear evey single day!

I am also a pretty adventurous designer, and love challenging myself with new designs - so if you're looking for something custom, please get in touch. I'd love to hear your ideas and see how we can turn that into something gorgeous and unique to YOU!
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