Caring for your Jewellery

General Care Tips

Our handmade jewellery is made to the highest standards and using high quality components. In order to keep your jewellery in great condition and looking its' best, below are a few key tips for caring for your pieces.

- We recommend regular polishing with a soft cotton polishing cloth. This is particularly important to keep your Hill Tribe Silver items clean and shiny, and will assist with reducing any tarnishing (which is a natural process occurring when exposed to any kind of moisture, even in the air). A polishing cloth also works well with any of your gemstone bead pieces.
- When not being worn, you should always store your Hill Tribe Silver jewellery in an airtight container, cotton bag or jewellery box. Where possible, stored separately from other metals. Beaded jewellery can be hung on a hook, or likewise stored in a jewellery box or cotton bag (just be careful for any tangling/knotting).
- Specifically for Elastic jewellery - anything strung on stretch cord (even high quality which we use) can be damaged if over-stretched - best practice is to roll bracelets over your wrist rather than stretch to wear/remove.
* Always use our size guide to ensure you have the correct size at purchase

- Take off your jewellery when showering / swimming and also when sleeping to prevent accidental damage.

Using Essential Oils with Jewellery

Some of our jewellery pieces are designed with Lava Stone beads, or wooden beads which are suitable for adding Essential Oils to.

Diffuser bracelets are a creative and unique way to diffuse your Essential Oils. Simply add 1-3 drops onto your Lava Stone beads (or some of our wooden or seed beads, and your natural body heat will soon trigger the diffusing process.

Such a great way to enjoy the therapeutic and aromatic benefits of your favourite blend all way long! 
Matte African Turquoise and Wood Diffuser Bracelet
Mookite & HTS Leaf Bracelet
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